employees & freelancers


We provide legal support for employees and freelancers in the form of contract review, drafting, negotiation and litigation. We work to ensure our clients get a fair deal and also maintain good relationships with employers by taking a step-by-step approach to our services, only involving ourselves as much as necessary. Our clients appreciate that we arm them with the tools to advocate on their own behalf whenever possible. 

Our representation has included:

  • Consultant services agreement review & mark-up
  • Prototype development agreement with IP ownership 
  • Severance package review & client negotiation strategy
  • Eliminating overly restrictive or illegal non-compete provisions
  • Drafting customized employment/contractor agreements
  • Wage and hour litigation
  • Employment discrimination & unlawful termination 


Our flat fees include the the review and mark-up of contracts with suggested negotiation strategies for our clients. We also draft customized agreements. Fees for direct negotiation with employers and litigation are more variable and we provide our clients estimated hourly fees with caps  whenever possible.  Here are some exemplary fees for our services:

employee chart.png