Criminal defense & Civil Rights


We base our criminal defense practice on the idea that our clients deserve a lawyer who will fight for them to ensure the best possible outcome in their case and work to protect not only their liberty, but their employment, civil rights and property. We have handled hundreds of misdemeanors and felonies, including DUIs and have represented clients through all stages of their case, from arrest to jury trial. Our depth of criminal experience comes from years of practicing in one of New York's top public defender offices, The Bronx Defenders, and in the District of Columbia. 

We have helped our clients win:

Shanti, thank you again for all your help. Because you got my criminal charges dismissed I was able to get my student teaching job. Our society needs more people like you with integrity and concern to guide others through the legal system.
— Juan C.
  • Acquittals at trial
  • Dismissal of criminal charges through motions to suppress, 30.30 and legal insufficiency
  • Reduction of criminal charges to non-criminal violations
  • Reduction of felony DUI charges to community service
  • Favorable deals to avoid immigration consequences
  • Right to keep housing and/or employment following an arrest

Our criminal defense practice is limited to the five boroughs of New York.


Fees vary depending on the complexity of the case but below is a sample of our flat fees* based on the type of case. We can quote you a flat fee after an initial free consultation.

crim chart.png

* Flat fees do not include trial retainer

** If your case is resolved on the first court appearance, summons/desk appearance rate can be applied


Our representation goes beyond the courtroom and included with every flat fee is:

  • Representation at all post-sentencing/compliance appearances
  • Assistance getting your property back after arrest
  • Assistance getting documentation requested by employers
  • Unlimited meetings, calls and emails

Additionally, for DUIs we include:

  • Representation at DMV refusal hearings
  • Assistance obtaining conditional license
  • Assistance finding court mandated programs
  • Assistance with license suspension/reinstatement process